Thursday, April 18, 2019

9 Things You Need To Do This Summer In Texas Hill Country

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The geographic setting and the historical culture embedded in the Texas Hill Country makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the entire nation. So it does not come as a surprise that over 5 million visitors are seen heading to Texas annually to enjoy some of the wonders it shares.

Come summer, the warm temperatures create an ideal setting opening up for even more fun activities. Here are 9 things you have to do this summer in the Texas Hill Country:

woman standup paddling on a kayak

1. Kayaking

The Texas Hill Country is dotted with a good number of waterways, reservoirs, and lakes perfect for paddling. Come summer, these spots become flooded with activities as visitors try to get their share of fun. After all, what’s more fun than a dip during summer’s scorching heat?

From beginner to pro, Texas Hill Country is characterized by ideal kayaking spots for everybody. Below are 4 favorite kayaking spots to hit this summer:
Acquaint yourself with the immediate surroundings of the respective kayaking spots you intend to explore so as to know the best rental companies, guides, and nearby accommodations.

youth group in inner tubes floating down a river

2. Tubing

Even with the rather unbearable summer’s heat, Texas Hill Country gives you its best vibe with multiple slow-flowing rivers for you to just float and relax in. The best part? No experience required at all… all you have to do is get in your bathing suit, grab a colorful rubber inner tube and let nature take its course by floating you around.

Well, that explains why the Texas Hill Country is one of the most recommended water recreation spots. Here are 5 favorite spots:
There’s no doubt a ton of fun activities to be enjoyed. It is, however, important you keep in mind that the Texas Hill Country expects you to adhere to the measures it has put in place to protect nature. For instance, glass and styrofoam are not allowed in waterways.

3. Historic Dance Halls

There’s a reason as to why the Texas Hill Country is described as home to some of the best jazz, rock, and rockabilly music of all time. With its legendary historic dance halls, you are bound to get a memorable experience from the music instilled atmosphere.

If you are a music fan, make sure to explore these top spots:
However, most of these spots can sometimes be crowded, especially in the peak season. Visit their respective sites to familiarize yourself with their lined up events, and book your tickets in advance.

a family enjoying a sandbar at the swimming hole

4. Swimming Holes

We all know how hot Texas can be in the summer. So, beating the heat is no arguable topic and dipping yourself in swimming holes is a great way to do that. Come summer, the temperatures add to the general warmth of these holes, but it is a cool and thus ideal experience altogether.

Some of the local favorites include:

backpackers hiking down a forested trail

5. Hiking

It is no secret that the Texas Hill Country is home to some of the best hiking trails. In summer, hiking is best done early in the morning to evade the scorching sun. If you are lucky enough, you will come across a river or swimming pool to cool off after a challenging hike. But it is always advisable that you carry with you enough water to keep you hydrated along the way.

If you are looking for a great hiking experience, we would recommend these spots:

6. Wine Tours

Ready for a romantic escapade in summer? Well, if you are in a romantic mood, the wine tours tend to provide the perfect setting. But who said it was restricted only to the couples? Whether you are single, or a couple… the stunning Texas Hill Country Wineries trail offers numerous wineries for you to explore.

Scattered all the way from Austin to Fredericksburg, and Lampasas to New Braunfels, there’s someplace new for you to explore at every turn!

7. Go Fishing

With its vast array of natural features, Texas Hill Country no doubt offers some of the best fishing spots with accompanying breathtaking views. It has numerous rivers, creeks, streams, and lakes ideal for fishing adventures.

If you love fishing, these are some of the favorite local spots:

8. Take a Wild Ride at a Theme Park

To add to the never-ending recreational activities are the numerous theme parks distributed all over the state. Challenge yourself and feel the thrill as giant coasters whisk you through the sky. In addition to the unmistakable fun, some of its parks offer lots of music and shows making the experience uniquely different altogether.

Bring your little ones along and make some memorable moments together. If you are in for a wild experience, these are some of our favorite parks:

9. BBQ

Ask any Texan and they will tell you that nothing beats barbecue in the summer. That explains the numerous barbeque joints spread throughout the Hill Country. After all, after a day full of activities, you'll have worked up a serious Texas-sized appetite.

BBQ applies to a whole lot of different kinds of slow-cooked meats spiced up with different rubs and sauces. It's an experience you should not miss. Here are some of the iconic BBQ spots worth exploring:

The Texas Hill Country is full of endless activities in the summer. This list just scratches the surface with some of our favorites.

Being a peak season, most of the recreation and fun spots might be a bit crowded. So plan ahead to ensure that you get the best out of your intended activities.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

7 Spring Activities In The Texas Hill Country

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If you think you have seen it all in the Texas Hill Country, wait till spring and experience the magical transition. With springs and rivers gurgling afresh full of life, and the alluring landscapes stroked in a variety of natural colors, there’s no better place you could wish to spend your time this spring.

The good news? There’s practically something for everyone in spring, so make sure to tag your loved ones along. Below are the 7 best spring activities to explore in the Texas Hill Country:

a yellow and black bird perched on a wooden fence post

1. Birding at Galveston FeatherFest

Over the past few years, the Texas Hill Country has been recording a gradual increase in tourist numbers who come to enjoy birding each year. This has been made possible by the fact that you can enjoy the experience all year round. But in spring, the place to get your fill is at the Galveston’s annual FeatherFest.

The Fest coincides with the spring immigration, giving you an opportunity to explore over 300 bird species as they make their way over the island. Thus birding festival includes events from all levels, ranging from beginner to pro.

Bring along your camera and join the 600+ birders and photographers who gather to capture the moment. You can also choose to attend classes such as Coastal Birding Workshop, Butterfly Study Workshop, and Raptors Uncorked! The fun is simply limitless.

the shadow of a cyclist on a dirt path cutting through the hills

2. Biking the Willow City Loop

March through May, roadways throughout Texas are usually lined up with a variety of blooming wildflowers. During this period, biking on its trails is not only breathtaking but equally exhilarating as well.

Willow City is the starting line of a 20-mile ride from where riders get to roll through hills on two wheels, as they enjoy the view of wide open bluebonnet fields. Get to explore the experience on your two wheels and enjoy the view as cows lollygag on the roadside, and cotton candy clouds drift by.

Riders are, however, advised to be on the lookout for cattle guards and low water crossings as they pedal through this picturesque landscape. Riders can stop at Harry’s at the Loop or Knot in the Loop Saloon to refuel, have refreshments, and enjoy the locally-flavored eats. If you are in for an ultimate riding experience through the alluring landscapes, make sure to explore this venue.

a large crowd gathered in the city square for a night festival

3. Attend a Festival

The onset of warm weather leaves people eager to make merry and party outdoors – and the Texas Hill Country makes sure that you get the feel of it all. Furthermore, Texas is known for its celebrations and festivities, so joining the mood only makes sense.

Bloomin’ Temple Festival is one of the most popular events in Central Texas with over 13k people reported to attend annually. Attendees get to enjoy the two-day festival (held last weekend of every April) full of musical acts, arts & craft, children activities, carnival, and family fun in historic Temple.

If you are a music fan, make sure to check in at the Old Settlers Music Festival. Located in Tilmon Texas, the festival is referred to as Central Texas’ signature of music events and features acoustic jazz, blues, local favorites, bluegrass, and award-winning artists from around the world.

Well, that is just a mention a few must-participate events. Make sure to check out the festivals and celebrations in your immediate vicinity.

4. Explore the Texas Wine and Wildflower Journey

Well, you’ve probably heard that a spring trip to the Texas Hill Country is not complete until you’ve had a taste of its rich wines. Yeah, each year, Texas Hill Country wineries welcome folks to the Texas Wine and Wildflower Journey to sip and sample their wines.

For as little as $40 (for singles) and $75 (for couples), you get to enjoy the exclusive sights and tastes offered to you by the Texas Hill Country. Your Wine and Wildflower ticket includes a full complimentary tasting at all the 44 participating wineries (with a limit of 4 per day), and a 15% discounted purchase on 3 bottle purchases at each winery.

You’ve got 17 days to explore the 44 wineries (if you take this challenge). Surely, what would be more fun this spring? Make sure to check their official webpage for more details regarding this event.

5. Take an Austin Foodie Tour on Electric Bikes

Treat yourself with a tireless tour on an e-bike with speeds up to 20 miles an hour, and get to enjoy the thrill and eats as you cruise through the city. Once you get tired of pedaling, all you have to do is twist your wrist lightly to activate the throttle – setting you back to an uninterrupted motion. Sounds fun, right?

The trips include super knowledgeable and friendly guides and advance reservations, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for food and drinks.

white and blue flowers blooming in a large field

6. Visit Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Traditionally, March is the month when flowers begin to bloom in the Texas Hill Country. So, come spring, you have all the time to explore the beauty of Texas nature and become part of it too.

Visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, and get to explore over 600 species of Texas native plants. In addition to the fascinating view, guests get to enjoy other numerous outdoor activities, including a tour at the Wildflower Cave – which offers families a chance to explore all things ‘creepy and crawly’. So make sure to tag your little loved ones along for this memorable experience.

7. Go for a Horse Riding Adventure at Hill Country Equestrian Lodge

It is no secret that the Texas Country is well known for its cowboy culture. But being part of it is an insanely satisfying adventure altogether. With over 6,000 acres of Natural Area, the Hill Country Equestrian Lodge (Bandera) makes sure that your horse riding adventure remains one-of-a-life-time.

Guests can choose to bring their own horses or choose a ride from horses available at the lodge. Don’t worry, your horse will be well taken care of. All you’ve to do is feed, groom, and ride into Texas Hill Country’s sunset.

Texas Hill Country is no doubt home to limitless fun and activities. Just a reminder though, loads of visitors are bound to visit the country each spring. So to evade the challenges that come with the last minute rush, make sure that you are well prepared prior to your planned visit. Visit the official websites of the venues you want to explore and familiarize yourself with the upcoming events and book yourself a ticket early.