Monday, December 9, 2019

11 Great Ways to Spend a Weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas

11 Great Ways to Spend a Weekend In Fredericksburg, Texas

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of big cities lies one of Texas’s hidden treasures. The small town of Fredericksburg, Texas, allows tourists and locals alike to take a step back in time and enjoy small-town living. If you only have a weekend to spend in Fredericksburg, we have put together a list of the top eleven to do for the perfect Fredericksburg Experience.

1. Spend Time Exploring Nature 

It wouldn’t be a small Texas town without vast doses of beautiful nature. Take a stroll to Wildseed Farms and explore the fields of wildflowers that paint the landscape around Fredricksburg. It doesn’t matter what season it is; you will be sure to find something that will catch your eye.

Windmill among purple flowers

2. Main Street

The lively main street of Fredericksburg is iconic in the state of Texas. With over one hundred stores, you will be able to buy anything from antiques to bags of candy. After walking up Main Street, you can stop by any restaurant to enjoy everything from Tex Mex to German food.

Main Street with Shops and Cars

3. Peaches, Peaches, and More Peaches 

The farmland that surrounds Fredericksburg produces more than 40% of the peaches in Texas. You will find it hard to miss dozens of roadside stalls selling the delicious fruit. If you come to Fredericksburg in the Summer, be sure to get yourself a scoop of peach ice cream.

4. Elk Store Winery and Distillery

It wouldn’t be Hill Country without at least one distillery. The Elk Store Winery and Distillery is a unique and fun spot to stop in while you are shopping on Main Street. They are renowned for their homemade moonshine, including a pecan pie variation. If moonshine is not your thing, the Elk Store has a bar that offers wine from around the world. Whatever you are into the Elk Store Winery and Distillery will be sure to satisfy you.

Wine glasses and bottles

5. Fredericksburg Herb Farm

For those of you that want to spend your weekend relaxing, the Fredericksburg Herb Farm is perfect. Take a stroll through the ground of the early 1800s homestead. Take in the smells of fresh herbs and flowers that radiate everywhere. You can book a spa appointment in their 5000 square-foot spa that offers a variety of treatments. The Fredericksburg Herb Farm even offers small cottages where you can stay during your weekend visit.

growing herbs

6.    Learn About the Life of LBJ

If history is your thing, then you will enjoy the fact that the LBJ Ranch is only a short road trip from the streets of Fredericksburg. You will find the Texas White House where LBJ spent some time while he was president. A tour is given where you will learn about the life and actions of the late great president LBJ.

7. Enjoy the Local German Food

The town of Fredericksburg was founded in the year 1846 by German settlers. The town received its name from the prince of Prussia Friedrich. It is because of this history that Fredericksburg offers the best German food in all of Texas. However, the German restaurants you do find can't help but put a Texas spin on traditional German food like schnitzel with guacamole.

assorted platters at a restaurant

8. The Pacific War Museum 

Any World War II buff will fall in love with the extensive Pacific War Museum located in Fredericksburg. The museum consists of a total of three buildings. Two of the buildings follow the more traditional museum with artifacts and information about Admiral Nimitz and his role in the Pacific theatre of war during World War II. The third building consists of outdoor reenactments that demonstrate the most significant battles of the pacific theatre. You can also find a Japanese Garden of Peace that will allow you to reflect upon the costs of war as you examine the beauty of the flowers.

9. Camping at the Enchanted Rock

After spending a day exploring the charming main street of Fredericksburg, you can take a short trip to the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. This area offers an outstanding 2.5 square miles of land where you can camp, picnic, and rock climb. Enchanted Rock is the perfect place for the outdoor junkies that prefer to sleep under the stars then beneath the roof of a bed and breakfast.

10. Enjoy the Local Bed & Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts are an iconic aspect of any small town in America, and the ones located in Fredericksburg are among the best. Living and working in a city can be stressful at times. Driving up to a bed and breakfast for the weekend will allow you to shake that stress and replace it with the comforts of southern living. Sleep in small cottages and allow their warmth to fill your senses. Indulge in southern delicacies that will leave you satisfied for days to come. When you return home, you will enjoy a renewed sense of relaxation and comfort.

11. St. Mary’s Catholic Church

The German settlers that first founded Fredericksburg left more than just their taste in food. These settlers also brought the practice known as the painted church. The German settlers would paint their churches in vibrant colors that gave them a now-iconic look. Saint Mary’s Catholic Church is the best example of the painted church style that remains in Fredericksburg. With dynamic stain glass windows and painting, Saint Mary’s Catholic Church is one of the most popular spots in all of Fredericksburg.

Small Town Living is Good for the Soul 

With the modern hustle and bustle of today's society, it can be easy for stress and anxiety to take control of your life. Fredericksburg, Texas is an ideal place to release your tension. Stroll down the bustling main street. Allow yourself to be swept away with all the sounds and smells of the stores and restaurants. Let the aromas of fresh herbs and peaches from the herb farm take you back to simpler times. Whatever you require to relax, Fredricksburg is ready to provide what you need.