Monday, January 6, 2020

Nine Reasons To Hunt In Hill Country Texas

Nine Reasons to Hunt in Hill Country Texas

The amazing scenery and the breathtaking wilds of Hill Country Texas are a sight to behold. The Frio River and the safari-style hunts will have you chasing legendary whitetails across the fields. You'll definitely want to return for more. With that being said, here are nine of the reasons you should choose Hill Country as your next big game destination.

1. The Top Five

Hill Country sits at number three on the top five regions within the state of Texas for big game hunting. There are many places you can hunt in Hill Country, whether that be public or private land, and they all offer a good variety and density of big game for hunting. Many choose to hunt with an outfitter as the bucks are typically plot fed and raised to maturity for optimal scores. Many regions within Texas offer outstanding hunting and outdoor recreation. The fact that Hill Country is at the top five should say it all.

man with hat pointing rifle

2. Big Game Density

Hill Country has a very high deer density, offering better odds and results on your hunt. When you
choose an outfitter to accommodate your hunt, you can see an average of two hundred
deer in a day’s hunt. That is an impressive statistic compared to other hunting locales and destinations. With there being a deer on every thirteen to fifteen acres, you are bound to find that buck you want.

a doe and a fawn in the grass

3. Hunt In Style

To increase the odds of getting that trophy on your wall, go with an outfitter and get the
complete hunting experience. Most outfitters in the Hill Country offer traditional hunts such as blind box hunts and safari-style hunts. Many outfitters in the area can accommodate everything from a single hunter to many, so go ahead and bring the family along with you. Additionally, most outfitters are in proximity to a town, providing ample activities in your downtime.

A doe beneath tree branches

4. There’s More Than Hunting

If you decide to bring your whole family, there may be some other things that you would like to do while visiting. Enjoy a day outdoors with your family! Visit Garner State Park and swim, canoe, or fish for the day. Or stop in one of the small towns along your way. You are sure to find good food and good people. With so many different adventures in Hill Country, you and your family are sure to enjoy the trip.

two stags with antlers

5. The Kids Can Hunt Too

The legal hunting age in Texas is seventeen, making it the ideal choice for bringing your son or daughter with you to share in the hunt and make some lifelong memories. Passing on the knowledge and traditions of safe and ethical hunting can be important lessons for children. Your child will see big bucks in early mornings and keep that hunt in their memory for the rest of their lives.

man pointing rifle skyward

6. Traditional Texas Hunting

Blind box hunting is a staple in Texas. It is one of the most successful and fun ways to hunt. The
anticipation and excitement of waiting to see that buck come across your field of view are exhilarating. Another great way to hunt in Texas is safari-style hunting. Taking most of the hiking and labor out of the equation allows you to focus on the thrill of the hunt. Both styles of hunting are very popular among hunters in the area and are offered at nearly all outfitters in Hill Country.

deer in misty tallgrass

7. Better Odds

If you use an outfitter, there are many reasons that you will have a more successful hunt. One of those reasons is baiting. Many states don't allow baiting, but it is legal in the state of Texas, and it will increase your chances of getting that trophy buck. Aside from baiting, most outfitters raise their bucks on plots where the deer can feed in safety until they reach a sizeable maturity. Outfitters are very stringent on how they raise their whitetails and only let their hunters harvest when the time is right. All this increases the likelihood of a successful hunt.

deer on a plain at dusk

8. Public Land

There is plenty of public lands to be hunted in Hill Country. While most people will opt for the guided hunts, there is still plenty of fun to be had using public lands as well. Before you plan your trip, we recommend putting your name in a drawing for a hunt in Balcones Canyonland’s Hunting Area. This area offers a good density of whitetail deer, and because it is a lottery drawn tag fewer people will be hunting it.

hunter and hunting dog

9. So What Does It Cost?

You will find that the cost of hunting in Hill Country is reasonable. Most outfitters charge an average of $3250.00–$8500.00 for trophy whitetail, depending on the score. Most outfitters also offer other packages for two does or exotic animal life that they have on their property. Typically, outfitters will waive things like daily outfitter fees if you are on a more expensive hunt as well. When you consider that you are lodging and food needs are usually met by the outfitter, this is very affordable.

While there are many places all over the country that you can hunt, and they all have their
advantages and disadvantages, Hill Country Texas is one of the most beautiful and statistically successful hunting destinations that you can visit. In years to come, you'll be able to sit beneath your mounted trophy whitetail and share stories of your hunt in Hill Country.