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How to Plan the Perfect Texas Hill Country Retirement

How to Plan the Perfect Texas Hill Country Retirement

If you or someone you know is thinking about retirement, you have probably been considering a wide variety of destinations. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, such as climate, cost of living, transportation options, entertainment options, and distance from family and friendsand it seems like no destination checks all of the boxes.

Just because you are retiring does not mean you cannot be open to a new and exciting experience. Your retirement years can be filled with a new lifestyle, new opportunities, and the chance to start hobbies or projects you never had time for before. You can take the time to travel and explore. You can spend quality time with family and friends. All those things that you didn't have time for when you are working are now yours to experience.

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If your retirement is well-planned, like it is for many of the baby boomer generation thanks to easy access to financial planners, retirement accounts, and online services, the opportunities are endless as to where you may end up. If you are looking for a warm southern climate with plenty of living options—whether it is a condo in the city or a senior community in a small town—Texas Hill Country provides a peaceful haven worth considering, even if you have never considered yourself a Texan. Made up of 21 unique cities divided into nine regions, Texas Hill Country was recently voted one of the top places to retire by Forbes magazine.

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Where Should I Live?

If you enjoy the outdoors and would like access to fresh air and beautiful scenery, Castroville, Barton Creek, and Horseshoe Bay may be the locales for you. There is plenty to do, keeping your daily routine fun and interesting. Castroville, just 15 miles outside San Antonio, is a historic town filled with local dining, parks, boutique shopping, walking tours, and historic buildings begging to be explored. Barton Creek is a suburb of Austin, boasting diverse neighborhoods and a unique urban-suburban mixed feel. Horseshoe Bay is a rural-suburban town with an atmosphere perfect for quiet walks, stargazing, and more.
Whether you want to rent or buy your home, there are plenty of options, although more residents opt to buy in these areas. Real estate prices are very reasonable compared to the national average. There are also plenty of senior and retirement community options with numerous amenities, security features, recreation options, and an outstanding quality of life. No matter where you decide to settle down in Texas Hill Country, you will enjoy its bustling economy, mild climate, low crime rates, cost of living just below the national average, median home price, and walkability. The Milken Institute also ranks many of these areas highly on their list of best cities for successful aging.

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What if I Want a Job?

If you are interested in launching a new career in your retirement years, whether part-time or a new full-time venture, these are some of the fastest-growing cities in Texas with economic growth to match. There are plenty of things to do in the area, with more popping up every day, so you are sure to find a part-time or full-time opportunity that suits your needs and skill set. Opportunities in entertainment and recreation especially are endless.

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What is There to Do?

If you would like to spend your retirement years in the great outdoors, Texas Hill County provides plenty of options. If you enjoy just taking in the quiet beauty of nature, you may enjoy bird watching or fishing at one of the local lakes. There are also many state and city parks in the area perfect for biking, walking, or spending time with your dog.
If you are a golfer, Texas Hill Country offers numerous golf courses of varying difficulty. The mild climate means it is perfect golf weather all year round. The more adventurous can sign up for horseback riding lessons, trail rides, or historical tours to get to know the area better and learn a new skill. A visit to a dude ranch makes a good day trip. And if you're looking to fly high, Wimberley Zipline Adventures is a well-known stop for those seeking a thrill among stunning Texas scenery. If you are a history buff, check out one of the museums in the area: the Bandera Natural History Museum, the Fort Croghan Museum, and the Kimble County Historical Museum. If the family comes to visit, consider a trip to the McKenna Children’s Museum. Texas Hill Country is also home to plenty of live music, local bars and restaurants, live theater, and concerts; no two nights out will ever be the same and you will always be able to find something to do on the weekends.

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Are There Things to Do in the Summer?

When the weather gets warmer, consider spending time on the golf course or in one of the parks. You can also sign up for float trips, kayaking, canoeing, and tubing adventures to keep cool and tour the region. If you consider yourself a foodie with a taste for something new, check out one of the dozens of wineries in the area for a day full of tastings. If you are planning an event, many of these spaces are also happy to host. No matter where you are in your retirement planning—whether you have just started thinking, have considered some ideas, or are ready to take the plunge—do not count out moving to Texas Hill Country. There is something for everyone from all walks of life, but there is a reason this region is especially popular among retirees. You can continue your active lifestyle, try something new, or decide to take it slow, and ultimately never run out of things to do. The cost of living is reasonable, the quality of life is high, and this region is ever-expanding. Make a visit to Texas Hill Country and it will make a strong case for being your home during your retirement years.