Saturday, March 28, 2020

Getting Married in Texas Hill Country, Stress-Free

Get married in Texas Hill Country, Stress-Free

If you have planned or are currently planning your wedding, you know how stressful it can be. The road from engagement to walking down the aisle is not always a clear one. There are a lot of decisions to be made, from major investments down to the smallest details, and it can quickly get overwhelming. However, you want to be sure you enjoy your day and can look back on it fondly.

Whether you are a local or considering a destination wedding, Texas Hill Country is a great fit for couples regardless of budget or desired atmosphere. There are options to suit the needs of any couple, ensuring that your special day is exactly what you envision and is as stress-free as possible. From ranches to state parks to golf courses, every couple can find what they are looking for in the heart of Texas Hill Country.

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Tip #1: Choose Your Venue Wisely

Many popular event venues will book multiple functions per day or per weekend in order to maximize their profits and the use of the space. So, if you have a Saturday wedding, you may be squeezed in between the timelines of the events on Friday and Saturday. If you are looking to avoid some of the stress associated with set-up and tear down, aim for a venue that allows you to rent for the full day or entire weekend. This means that you will not be as rushed, can take your time to set up and clean up, and can create your own timeline. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life; do not let someone else’s event take precedence over yours or cause you to feel stressed.

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Tip #2: Prioritize Natural Scenery

Your venue is the biggest decision you will make during wedding planning, dictating how the rest of the day looks and feels. It will also have an impact on your choices in linen, color scheme, flowers, and décor.

Texas Hill Country’s mild climate all year long makes an outdoor venue a great choice. You can also consider doing some parts of the wedding—like the ceremony—outdoors, and the rest indoors. An outdoor venue means that you need to bring in minimal décor; the scenery and landscaping will add so much to the atmosphere and to your photos. You may not need to rent lighting if you are holding a majority of the celebration outdoors, saving you money and hassle. There are plenty of beautiful golf courses in the Texas Hill Country that would make stunning backdrops for your wedding.

Choosing your flowers and color scheme will also get easier if you know the venue already has a lot to offer. Bringing in less décor also means less cost to you. Just be prepared with a poor weather plan in case Mother Nature has different ideas about your big day.

Tip #3: Saturday is not The Only Option

Most weddings are typically held on Saturdays, giving guests plenty of time to travel to and from the area and giving you time to set up, tear down, and relax. However, it is not a hard and fast rule, and you can easily rearrange the stereotypical wedding weekend timeline to your plans.

If you have many local guests or are planning a true destination wedding that will require extensive travel regardless of the date, consider a Friday night or Sunday afternoon affair. Choosing a non-traditional day will give you more venue choices since they are less likely to be booked on those days. You may still want to look at a full-weekend venue rental (or at least a two-day rental) as mentioned in Tip #1 to reduce your stress where possible. Many weddings take more than a year to plan, so the day of the week should not be an issue as long as you give your guests plenty of time to coordinate logistics. Laid-back couples seeking a less formal or structured affair will appreciate having their wedding on a not-so-typical day of the week,

Another bonus: you may save some money since venues often go empty on Fridays and Sundays, and usually lower rental costs to make those days more appealing.

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Tip #4: Think Local

The Texas Hill Country is ripe with entertainment options, recreation opportunities, local dining, and boutique shopping. To save costs and reduce your stress, consider leaning heavily on local vendors. It gives you the opportunity to support small businesses, reduces shipping time and costs, and ensures that all of the pieces of your event will work well together. If your vendors are already familiar with your venue, it will save you the headache of trying to coordinate it all.

When picking your flowers, reach out to a local florist who knows your venue and can recommend things that are in season. Visit a local boutique for all of your formalwear needs and save on the cost of shipping items across the country. If your venue does not already include catering, consider the catering options available from local farm-to-table restaurants. Instead of flying in a hairstylist or makeup artist, ask around to see who is highly recommended near your venue.

Instead of the typical Sunday brunch following a wedding, consider an activity that can only be done in the Texas Hill Country: zip-lining, hiking, or horseback riding. These activities would also make great suggestions to distribute to out-of-town guests as they look to fill their time.

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Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, and the end result of all of your planning should be exactly what you have always wanted and have dreamed of. It can also be an incredibly stressful time due to financial strain and all of the decisions that need to be made. As you are picking a destination for your special day, keep in mind the need to keep it as stress-free as possible—making the Texas Hill Country the perfect place.